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About the Series




Since its public release in early 2013, Beginnings has started to catch on. It's interwoven storylines, eccentric odd characters make each book a fun and emotional read. Don't miss out if you haven't started.


I hope that I can keep this series catching on and keep giving back to the readers that are enjoying it. 


What is Beginnings?

The Beginnings Series takes you from Apocalypse to Dystopia. From plague to survival and so forth. It is my baby and is filled with characters I believe are no less than real to me and I hope, become real to you as well.


At this point, there are 33 completed books in the main story series, with 6 sidebar books. Beginnings sidebar books have only a little to do with the main series and utilize the characters in different pre-apocalypse storylines.


While the book series was free to the public a few years ago, the new versions available on Kindle have gone through extensive changes and some of the stories are not the same. You can still find these 'unchanged', unreleased books free in the Member's section of the Beginnings site. 

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